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Set milestones in autonomous driving as

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The job at a glance

You develop the test and production concepts for our advanced laser ranging system for autonomous vehicles

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xh/w | x vacation days

Ulm (Germany)

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Our Vision

In 100 seconds Frank - our Lead System Architect and Cofounder of Scantinel - will talk about Scaninels vision and the upcoming milestones:


Not the place for a video? Then check out the video content in this text.

100 sek Interview-Video mit der Frank

Wer bist du?

  • Welches Ziel verfolgt Scantinel?

  • An welchem Projekt/ welchen Projekten arbeitet Scantinel im Moment?

  • Was sind die nächsten Meilensteine, die erreicht werden sollen?


Our Technology

Scantinel Photonics is devoted in the development of next-generation solid-state FMCW sensing, focusing on using its proprietary FMCW technology to provide new dimensions of data information, and is committed to applying FMCW LiDAR distance and velocity measurement technology to autonomous mobility applications.

Scantinel's FMCW LiDAR technology


Scantinel Photonic Integrated FMCW LiDAR Sensing Module

  • Long detection range (300m @ 10% reflectivity)

  • Immunity to interference (sunlight, other LiDAR systems) with coherent detection

  • Instantaneous direct velocity information on every measurement point

  • Advanced Optical Enhanced Array system (OEA™) delivers outstanding solid-state scanning results

  • Modular and flexible approach adaptive to any application eco-system

  • Photonic integration enables significant reduction of cost, size, and weight of the LiDAR system

  • High-volume scalability based on standard CMOS technology


Enough talking about us.
Now you and your new job are in focus!


The Job

In brief:

Your target will be the development of the test and production concept for our advanced laser ranging system for autonomous vehicles.

The steps toward the target are:

Getting started (2m)

  • 8h/week onboarding sessions by our lab team

  • 2 week abc training in Berlin

  • personal mentor

Defining prototype test setup (4m)

  • Target is abc

  • Develop, install and qualify mechanical and optical hardware and software modules

  • Testing budget as you need it

Prototype testing (8m)

  • Target of tests is abc

  • Close alignment with colleague xyz to ensure

  • Conducting packaging test to ensure safe transport at minimum costs

Developing mass production setup (continous)

  • Target is abc

  • For xxx modules per year

  • Location of production

Detailed job insights are presented to you by our Senior Lab Scientist Alfredo Rueda:


Not the place for a video? Then check out the video content in this text.

Kurzes interview-Video mit Alfredo:

  • Wer bist du?

  • Was zeichnet den Job aus?

  • Mit welchen Tools (Hardware/Software) wird gearbeitet

  • Wie groß ist der Prüfstand

  • Mit welcher Art von Kollegen wird zusammengearbeitet (Anzahl, Fokus)

  • Fokus auf Freiheiten/Verantwortung, die das "Startup"-Setup mit sich bringt


Your Profile

What we expect from you ...

  • ?An Engineering or Physic degree? and a broad background in optics, optoelectronics, metrology, electronics and lasers

  • Experience in test and calibration of optics, fiber-optic and/or photonic components and systems

  • Experience in packaging processes of optical and mechanical components

... and this is a big plus

  • Practical experience in manufacturing equipment qualification and installation

  • Test software development skills in Matlab and/or LabView

  • Awareness of laser and laboratory safety issues


The Team

Team size: X

Avg. age: X

Nationalities: X


The team combines X years of experience within the field of photonics:

  • Kurze Vorstellung der fachlichen Expertise der Teammitglieder

  • Kurze Vorstellung der fachlichen Expertise der Teammitglieder

  • Kurze Vorstellung der fachlichen Expertise der Teammitglieder


Ulm - the location of your workplace

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SCANTINEL Recruiting Team

Phone: +49 731 7908 2690

Söflinger Str. 100

89077 Ulm



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