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Setting new standards for high performance cameras as

FPGA Expert


at SVS-Vistek GmbH



100 employees and growing


38,5 hours per week


hybrid working possibilites


The company

As an innovative manufacturer of high-quality industrial cameras, SVS-Vistek has had exceptional know-how in machine vision for more than 35 years. The company develops and produces cameras with resolutions of up to 151MP, 10 GigE transmission, above-average image quality and all relevant interfaces. With high-performance components such as lenses, illuminators, filters, frame grabbers and cables, SVS-Vistek supports customers in the realization of economical, individual solutions for a wide range of industries.


SVS-Vistek products are used in various high-end markets and industries. For example in the automotive industry, in medical technology or in traffic engineering. The cameras are used where a closer look is needed and first-class images are required.


The customer base of SVS-Vistek reaches from small specialised companies to OEMs in the smartphone and automotive industry.


With offices in the USA and Japan, SVS-Vistek is present worldwide and offers diverse professional perspectives.


SVS-Vistek is part of the 6.000 employee strong TKH Group, that is based in the Netherlands.