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You will be optimizing our photonic packaging solution to downsize the lidar sensor system

by over 90% and increase its reliability to fulfill automotive standards.

Ulm, Germany

Hybrid working possibilites


(40 employees)

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Drive the industrialization

of high-tech lidar sensors

for autonomous driving

as a


at Scantinel (backed by Zeiss and Scania) 

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We are a fast growing startup in the sector of photonics, optics and automotive.
Our vision is to build the best-in-class lidar sensor for autonomous driving.

02 - Future Team

The target of your team

In this video, group leader Frank Gindele will give you an overview about his background and the focus areas of the Optics & Mechanics Team.

You will be working in a team of seven experts in the field of mechanics, optics and photonics coming from four different nations.