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You will be optimizing our photonic packaging solution to downsize the lidar sensor system

by over 90% and increase its reliability to fulfill automotive standards.

Ulm, Germany

Hybrid working possibilites


(40 employees)

01 - Header

Drive the industrialization

of high-tech lidar sensors

for autonomous driving

as a


at Scantinel (backed by Zeiss and Scania) 

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We are a fast growing startup in the sector of photonics, optics and automotive.
Our vision is to build the best-in-class lidar sensor for autonomous driving.

Your ideal profile

Master or PhD in engineering, fundamental or material science

What you should bring with you ...

Expert knowledge in photonic packaging processes as well as industry insights into photonic packaging houses

Fluent English

Willingness to work in a fast moving environment with high levels of ambiguitiy and rapidly changing markets

Hands on attitude

Experience with low to high volume production ramp-up

Skills in Matlab, Labview C++ or Python

Experience in cooperation with external partners

... and this would be nice to have

3 years of experience in photonic packaging, photonic integration and integrated optics

or high precision optical assembling

Knowledge about material science, assembling and gluing technology

02 - Future Team

The target of your team

In this video, group leader Frank Gindele will give you an overview about his background and the focus areas of the Optics & Mechanics Team.

You will be working in a team of seven experts in the field of mechanics, optics and photonics coming from four different nations.

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Not the place for a video? Then check out the video content here.

The Technology

Our approach:

We are devoted in the development of next-generation solid-state LiDAR sensors, focusing on utilizing our patented FMCW LiDAR technology to provide new dimensions of data information.

Our USPs:

  • Long detection range of up to 300m with 1550nm wavelength

  • Unique velocity measurement setting the benchmark in fast object identification 

  • High robustness in tough environmental conditions 


Range and velocity measurement at our testing ground

The FMCW - currently measuring

around 30x20x30cm

Want to learn more about our product?
Click here for our technology white paper.

04 - Technology

"To ensure that our technology can reach its potential the packaging must ensure a precision of some micrometers and stability in a tough environment."

03 - Challenges

Our main challenges you will be working on



"Now we are talking about a device which is the size of a home printer.

But ideally, in two years, it's going to be as big as an camera system now.

Therefore we need to achieve new levels of integration and technology developments."



Scaling production 

"Currently we are in the proof of concept phase in which about 10 modules are enough. But already within 1 year we want to scale up to a batch size of about 100 pieces and within the next 3-4 years we want to reach serial production."

Tasks as a Photonic Packaging Expert

  • Create the photonic packaging concept for advanced integrated optical sensors

  • Develop a gluing and assembly process for high precision optical components

  • Create chip and module packaging specifications and drive their implementation in close cooperation with international technology partners 

  • Testing and qualifying the packaged components 

  • Support the selection of partners and sub-contractors for chip and module packaging 

What makes working at Scantinel special?

In this short video, Frank and Alfredo will tell how the Scantinel's diversity and task variety create an exciting work environment.